Tech consulting

I work with English-speaking teams, in-person in Barcelona or remotely across Europe.

The most effective teams and companies bring together the right technology, processes and culture to create amazing products that delight their customers. Yet most companies are not yet realizing their full potential even when they have a team of great technologists.

I work with executives, tech leads and developers together to take a holistic view of the tech ecosystem in your company. I help companies get the most out of their tech potential, while also making teams happier and work more enjoyable. Engaged teams, efficient delivery and quality are mutually dependent - you can't achieve one without also achieving the other two.

Here are some of the common problems that I help teams and companies with:

  • Impact: Your team is delivering a lot of features but it’s not having the impact you expected on the business’s bottom line.
  • Scaling: The team or department is trying to scale rapidly, but you’re struggling to onboard and coordinate the efforts of so many people.
  • Speed: It's hard to see why everything takes so long. Releases are infrequent, painful, unpredictable, and tend to introduce new bugs.
  • Technical debt: Important features are getting compromised or delayed because of technical debt.
  • Communication: Executives and development teams don’t speak the same language. Are the execs failing to understand the technical constraints, or are the developers ignorant of the commercial realities of the business? The answer is usually neither, but both sides need to express their needs in a way that makes sense to each other.
  • Complexity: Everything’s a mess - there’s so much to do, but everything is blocking everything else. The team needs to untangle the complexity but stopping delivery is not an option.
  • Collaboration: The testing team, operations team and development team have different priorities. Your software delivery is behind schedule but you're struggling to get everyone to pull together to get it done.

My passion lies in the process of software development rather than the technology. That can’t be done in isolation and I’m serious about keeping my developer skills sharp. I code primarily in JavaScript (Node, React) and also have experience in Java and C#. I work across the development lifecycle and am at ease navigating through pipelines, deployment scripts and infrastructure setups. I get hands-on with development teams using techniques such as mob programming to help embed skills such as refactoring, TDD and and trunk-based development, while simultaneously tackling your most challenging technology problems.

Supporting the development team

Modern software development is a team effort, but our industry too often clings to individual heroics over collaborative action. If you need your team to be more than just the sum of its parts, my experience as an Agile coach and engineering manager can help your tech leads and delivery leads level up their leadership skills.

Bridging the gap to Executive teams

There’s no point getting the execution perfect if you’re not executing on the vision. My experience consulting for senior leadership makes me well-versed in helping executive teams understand how to think about targets, priorities and roadmaps in a way that gets the most out of the development teams, rather than working against them. At the same time, I can help development teams articulate the issues and constraints they face in a way that empowers the executive team to take action.

What next?

I work with companies on a part-time or full-time basis for periods of between 6 weeks and 6 months, either to improve an identified problem or to create clarity around the issues when you just know things could be better but you can’t put your finger on the problem. My mix of coaching, technology and communication skills, added to a broad set of consulting experience in both enterprise and start-up companies, gives me a unique set of skills to help your organisation.

All my consulting engagements start with a free kick-off period, where we get to know each other and ensure that I'm the right person to help you. We will work together to understand the key people and pain points in your team/department, understand your current team dynamics and agree a suitable starting point.

If this sounds like something that could be helpful, why not talk to me about one of my off-the-peg packages or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.